Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pacquiao promises Mayweather pain: "There will be some lingering ill-feelings"

As the saying goes, a dog that is ready to bite doesn't do a lot of barking. And as short as the four words he uttered to officially confirm his desire to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.- anytime, anywhere- when he said "For the record, yes," Manny Pacquiao's choppers are sharp, and ready to gobble up another big name to add to his already legendary resume.

This one will be different however. And Pacquiao may have very well saved the best for last. Truth be told, I would not want to be "Money" Mayweather when he faces the Pac Man in the ring whenever, wherever- if ever. I can even say this without any least bit of exaggeration. I'm afraid for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Why you ask? Simple. The mini-monster that has been destroying boxing legend after boxing legend is actually mad for the first time. In an interview with GMA TV in the Philippines not too long ago, Pacquiao, who admittedly is annoyed with all the baseless accusations the Father-and-son team of the Mayweathers have done to discredit him and link his name to steroids (the Nevada State Athletic Commission has repeatedly stated Pacquiao has never failed their intensive drug tests) said,

"I consulted my attorney about the issue, and he (Mayweather Sr.) got scared, so he withdrew all his accusations. He said that he was just joking around, and that the statement that he made about me using steroids wasn't true."

and added,

"If our fight happens... maybe he should warn his son that there will be some lingering ill-feelings there because of his accusations." (translated from Tagalog video below)

I don't know about you and I'm telling you the cultural difference between Filipinos and African-Americans have something to do with this case because I have never heard Manny make any form of warning or threat of this nature in the past. Granted he was smiling when he made the comment, but I can read through his words and the manner in which he said the statement that Pacquiao is salivating to get his paws on Floyd Jr. If there were a way that both Sr. and Jr. could be in the ring at the same time, it's safe to say that Pacquiao would welcome it. What trash-talking is to a lot of African-Americans, which for the most part is simply aimed at intimidation, to a Filipino warrior like Pacquiao, it's a promise. Floyd can bark all he wants, Pacquiao is ready to bite.

The question is, will it be a dog-fight if these two men do lace em up? Or will it be a cat-and-mouse, or should I say dog and pussie (cat) chase all night long? With Pacquiao's speed and unorthodox style however, I think it wouldn't really matter as much as a lot of people think it would. Sooner or later, Pacquiao will get to Mayweather. And I don't care how good of a defensive fighter you are, matter of fact, it might even amount for more against Floyd who isn't used to getting hit. Once one of Pacquiao's left "See you at the Karaoke Party" punches land flush on an opponent's jaw, it's over. And I don't see enough heart in Floyd to even get back up and put up a fight like Miguel Cotto did when that happens. If I were Floyd Mayweather Jr., I'd be scared too.

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