Monday, December 21, 2009

Opinion: Manny Pacquiao Won't Retire Yet If He Wins Over Mayweather

Some boxing fans say that Manny Pacquiao will win his March 13 fight with Floyd Mayweather to give way for a three-part mini series that will be staged in two years or less
In recent a recent statement on his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao said that his clash with the undefeated American boxer could be his last fight.
Boxing fans say otherwise, though. They think that Manny and Floyd will go for a mini series, a three-part encounter over a nearly two-year period. The compelling reason? The substantial amount of money that both fighters will lose if they only fight once.
Here's the scenario: Pacquiao will win the first of the three-part series match. Mayweather must have instructed his fight negotiator Richard Shaefer to insert a fight automatic rematch provision in the contract if Pacquiao wins in the first encounter.
Boxing fans will buy the idea of a rematch to give Mayweather a second chance to prove his claim that he is the superior fighter. The second encounter will generate much more revenues than the first one for the two great boxers as their popularity will remain high among boxing fans. Both boxers, win or lose, will make a lot of money.
But the scenario will allow Mayweather to win in the second encounter to keep an even fight. In the meantime, both boxers will claim that one is better then the other. Therefore a new encounter must happen in order to settle the issue once and for all. Hence, a third match is necessary.
For boxing fans, the third encounter is the real boxing fight as it will settle the issue of superiority of one over the other. Pride and not money will be the focal point here. Whoever wins in the third encounter will have accumulated a sinful amount of money and emerge as the greatest fighter of the decade.
The Pacquiao-Mayweather boxing match is set for March 13 and will most likely take place at the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Manny Pacquiao is the current Ring Magazine's pound -for-pound king and WBO welterweight champion. Pacquiao is the first boxer in history to win seven times in seven different weight classes as a result of his latest victory over Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an undefeated American professional boxer who retired from boxing two years ago and came out of retirement early this year to face Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico in what appears to be a tune-up fight with Manny Pacquiao.

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