Monday, December 14, 2009

Backhanded steroid accusations not enough to throw Manny off

It has come to light that representatives of Floyd Mayweather were the ones who wanted the extensive drug testing ahead of the super fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Although Floyd himself is said to have had no part of the extra testing, his people also commented that they wouldn't 'get into' the steroid issue surrounding the fight, but admitted they were the ones who wanted the extra testing.

This irregular testing, or as some would say, a thinly veiled steroid accusation leveled at Manny Pacquiao, will mean random testing and increased scrutiny in the weeks leading up to the fight.

The main point of these demands is probably simply to throw Manny out of his routine and have him unsettled during the final preparations for the fight. After all many boxers become so focused on the fight ahead that any unscheduled and unfamiliar trips or activities can throw them off their game. If anything though, being the calm amidst a storm is one of Manny's biggest strengths.

After all not many boxers have members of their teams calling for each other to be fired, fighting in the gym and otherwise behaving like warring tribes. I'm talking here mainly about the Roach vs. Koncz saga, although there are numerous other things which Manny deals with on a day to day basis that other fighters don't have to. For example the endless legions of fans coming to Manny's door with requests, business proposals and the like that he encounters each day while in the Philippines.

In the United States he has the media baying for him and of course more fans to deal with wherever he goes. Such is the power of his celebrity back home that he also has side projects on the go most of the time, movies (Wapakman, Anak ng Kumander et al), commercials, singing, not to mention his political career, which looks like it might be taking off in a big way in a few months time as well.

In short, these extra tests won't phase Pacquiao who plainly thrives on chaos, and when he turns up to fight looking exactly the same as he has in the past, and then comes up clean again, no-one will have any reason to accuse him in the future.

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