Friday, December 18, 2009

Pacquiao's Conditioning Coach Tells Mayweather to Just Get in the Ring with Manny

Alex Ariza, who puts stuff into Pacquiao's body, is confident there's nothing illegal there. So he tells Mayweather to stop the posturing.

You hear everywhere that the pound-for-pound showdown of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is "all but set." Yes, the camps of both parties have agreed in principle, but there are some details to be ironed out.

Such as Mayweather's request to conduct Olympic-style drug tests for the fight.

To Alex Ariza, Pacquiao's conditiong coach, those are just all postures, which might be delaying fight negotiations.

Having no issue with a more thorough Olympic drug test, Ariza said "no matter where they try to look for something, at the end of the day Mayweather is going to have to get in that ring and he is just going to have to show up. All the posturing about Manny getting knocked out or being on steroids…all of that s—t, he is going to eventually have to step into that ring and he's going to have to fight. There's not going to be any excuses."

The Mayweathers have been coming out in the open to accuse Pacquiao of taking performance-enhancement drugs, while Ariza has always been open about the substances he ingests into Pacquiao's body.

Ariza assures that he is totally responsible and in charge of what Pacquiao's body intakes, and it's the same natural stuffs that he gives other fighters like Amir Khan (who will be Pacquiao's main sparring partner for the fight) and Vanes Martirosyan. No steroids or anything illegal.

Ariza directly tells Mayweather, "don't look for excuses, don't run, just show up to fight."

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