Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The world waits as Top Rank and Golden Boy talk it out

The fate of the most lucrative fight in the history of the sport is being decided in just a few hours, and will largely depend on arch rivals Top Rank and Golden Boy putting their differences aside.
Both promoters want to the fight to happen, both boxers want the fight to happen, and most of all the public wants this fight to happen. The issues surrounding the break down in negotiations have been well publicized.
There is even wide speculation that one or both fighters don't want the fight, usually from various fans of either. On Manny's part he doesn't seem to care who he fights, and leaves that up to his team and Freddie Roach. He sees his job as fighting, and leaves the details up to his representatives.
On the part of Floyd Mayweather, despite what people might say about him, he certainly wants the $40 million he will probably make. As well as which he has the perfect style to beat Manny, and most bookmakers already have him as the favorite before the fight has even been finally made.
The fight itself isn't the only thing being discussed at the talks though, there are also the issues of Golden Boy owning a piece of Manny Pacquiao's fights and the impending lawsuit filed against them and the Mayweather clan.

Presumably Top Rank are raising the issue of Golden Boy having a piece of the promotional pie because they are now also representing his opponent. Particularly because they are backing Floyd to the hilt in his insinuation about Manny taking PED's. Surely a conflict of interest if Golden Boy are making money from both ends. Not to mention if they share some part of the promotion of Pacquiao, is should be in their interests to make the fight happen.
Is there any legal reason why Golden Boy should be made to drop Manny? Probably not, as the ensuing legal battle would have proved when the briefcase full of money incident happened and Manny signed with Top Rank anyway. That time Top Rank was quick to cut Golden Boy in on the promotional money Manny made from each fight
Top Rank might be trying to effectively buy Manny's contract out from Golden Boy and resolve the issue of them having an interest in any money he makes in the future. This could have wider ramifications with the lawsuit that Pacquiao and Top Rank's lawyers are filing as well. Golden boy will no doubt argue that a company with a vested interest in making the fight happen, and who make money from both parties,
As far as the lawsuit itself, Golden Boy will obviously be eager to have the lawsuit stopped by Top Rank, and might offer to let Manny and Top Rank out of their contracts with them in exchange. If this was earlier in Pacquiao's career this would be unthinkable, but given that he intends to retire after one or two more fights anyway, this probably isn't too much of a loss.

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