Friday, January 1, 2010

Mayweather has until Monday to take Pacquiao’s drug testing deal

Mayweather has until Monday to take Pacquiao’s deal. Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum told Sports Illustrated this week that Floyd Mayweather has until Monday to take the deal currently on the table.
Pacquiao has agreed to submit to unlimited urine tests, and a blood test in January, and no more than 2 blood tests 30 days before the fight, according to Sports Illustrated. Pac has never tested positive for a drug test, but Mayweather requested Olympic style drug testing that would require additional blood tests.
Bob Arum has asked for a January 19th, 2010 hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission to determine whether additional blood tests would be necessary.
"This is unprecedented," said Arum. "Our expert says blood tests are ridiculous. But we will let the commission decide. They are the governing body," Arum told Sports Illustrated.
Arum said if Mayweather doesn’t agree or respond then he will arrange a March 13, 2010 fight for Pacquiao and Paulie Malignaggi. For more on the Malignaggi fight, click here.
The Nevada Athletic commission does not require blood tests before a fight, but does require urine tests before and after each fight. The test checks for 40 different types of steroids, masking agents and diuretics.
Pacquiao’s lawyer filed lawsuit paperwork in Las Vegas on Wednesday for a defamation suit against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sr.

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