Thursday, September 8, 2011


Watching both Pacquiao and Marquez today at the third leg of the promotional press conference held at the famed Beverly Hills Hotel to hype their third fight scheduled on November 12th at the MGM Grand Arena allowed me to capture a few poignant photos. As a photographer I do not mind too much what is being said at the podium. That is the job of the “writers”. I primarily focus on people hoping to capture telling photos related to the event. That is exactly what I got today. Juan Manuel Marquez must not be a seasoned traveler. Jet lag caught up with him. In fact, he himself said that they traveled thousands of miles in so short a time that he really does not know what time it is. Therefore, when he addressed the press he begun by saying- “Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening” to cover all his bases. It was a tad funny but it worked. As he sat listening to the proceedings, Marquez appeared bored and tired. His demeanor showed it too. He was yawning and was listless. It would not be too surprising to assume that Pacquiao is as tired as the poor JuanMa. But he had a way to hide it somehow. At least that is true today. I never caught him yawning or looking bored although I took more photos of him during the entire proceedings that I did of Marquez. Pacquiao kept alert by interacting with the press corps. He blinked an eye or smiled at them. And he kept a quiet private conversation with Freddie Roach who sat next to him. That kept him busy and occupied until it was time for him to stand up on the podium to speak. Oh, he said nothing new that I have not heard before but at least he appeared very alert and focused. JuanMa in the other hand almost kept to himself. He seldom turned to his trainer Nacho Beristein to speak to him unlike Pacquiao who always had Roach close for a chit chat. Perhaps, if Marquez did he would not have been so bored of the proceedings. Marquez almost appeared to be alone in his deep thoughts. I wonder, was he really that tired or did reality finally sink in about his coming fight which I believe he can never win? I like to think it’s the former because if it’s the latter, then we could all be in for a boring fight on November 12th.

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